Secure Service Computing

Current trends in information and communication technology are acceleratingwidespread use of service-related technologies in designing and implementing newbusiness processes. This widespread adoption has been supported by the excellentresearch results in service computing area.

Great efforts have been made inproposing new technologies covering all aspects of services management, likeservices modelling, annotation, deployment, composition, discovery etc. Theseservice-oriented technologies greatly helped enterprises to redesign theirbusinesses. However, despite the initial enthusiasm, enterprises are realizing moreand more that effective security and privacy management is essential for earning andmaintaining trust in their services.

This need has been promptly caught by thesecurity community with the results of some basic security standards, like WSsecurity,mainly for protecting service communications. However, these are notenough to cope with all the aspects of services management, with the results thatmany enterprises are still having security and privacy concerns around adapting andimplementing services to support their businesses.

Indeed, security issues have to be taken into account in every aspects of the serviceslifecycle. Privacy, trust, dependability, identity management, authentication, are justfew of the security aspects that have to be considered by services management.However, to investigate these issues, we strongly believe that a comparison betweenthe security and service computing communities is needed.