Claudio Gentile

Associate Professor in Computer Science

Dipartimento di Scienze Teoriche ed Applicate (DiSTA)

Universita' dell'Insubria, Varese

Contact info:

Claudio Gentile
Dipartimento di Scienze Teoriche ed Applicate (DiSTA)
Via Mazzini 5, 21100 Varese, Italy
Ph: +39 0332 218934
Fax: +39 0332 218909
Email: <first-name>.<last-name>
Skype: claudio.gentile000

I am looking for motivated PhD student candidates.
(Notice that enrollment in our PhD program needs a Master Degree.)
Please drop me an email for information on the application process and funding opportunities.
Please do so by July 31th, 2016 at the latest.

Current research interests:


Teaching (in Italian)

Service activity

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